Winter escapes – incredible superyacht charter destinations with West Nautical
Winter escapes!
Incredible superyacht charter destinations
Winter escapes – incredible superyacht charter destinations with West Nautical


We know travelling in 2021 may be more challenging than normal, requiring extra steps and restrictions, but with forecasts expecting an extremely busy 2022, don’t miss out on booking your winter getaway before everyone else.

After a turbulent year, are you looking for ultimate holiday to really relax and unwind? Are you ready to wake up on your own floating 5* hotel with freshly made breakfast every morning? Have dedicated crew on board ready to assist in any adventure you’d like to do? And top it all off with your favourite beverage from your own private bar? What could be better?

Chartering a yacht is one of the most exclusive holidays available. Offering complete privacy for you and your guests as well as a range of water sports equipment on board including jet skis, paddle boards, kayaks and snorkelling equipment, allowing you to enjoy activities as well as relaxation in the most beautiful destinations.

Most superyachts have between three and six cabins, sleeping up to a total of 12 guests, and you can expect to find facilities such as a bar, entertainment area, indoor lounge, jacuzzi and large outdoor lounging area on board.

As well as enjoying the yacht and her facilities and the destination itself, the crew will find hidden beaches for days of sunbathing and be able to organise excursions such as diving, hiking or simply a lunch ashore at your request.

Superyacht charter specialists, West Nautical, have put together five of the most beautiful winter destinations where you can charter your own yacht and have the experience of a lifetime!


 The first place we often think of when we hear the word ‘paradise’, is the Caribbean. It is the ultimate destination for relaxation and beauty.

If you’re seeking some winter sunshine and entertainment for you and your family or closest friends, then the Caribbean is the place for you! With over 5,000 islands to explore and limitless open water, the Caribbean is an ocean lover’s playground.  Thrill seekers can enjoy water sports and diving in the reefs and cays, or, if that’s not your scene, you can opt to lay back and relax on one of the secluded white-sand beaches.

Visit Gustavia Harbour in St Barts for shopping, nightlife, restaurants, and European comforts. Enjoy the golden sunset in St Lucia or retreat to the deserted beaches of Anegada surrounded by the native pink flamingos. The options are endless!

For off the beaten track activities, why not spend a day diving at Sculpture Park, a famous dive site in the oceans of Grenada or enjoying a hike to the Dunn waterfalls in Jamaica.

Another incredible destination in the Caribbean are the British Virgin Islands, providing an array of beaches, natural seawater pools and coral islands that have to be seen to be appreciated.

Made up of more than 60 islands and islets, you will experience white sand beaches at every turn. Beach bars are located in many popular bays and there are also many unexplored and uninhabited locations for those moments when you’re looking for ultimate privacy.

The BVI’s are one of the world’s most idyllic locations with its’ year-round warm weather and the opportunity to part take in a huge variety of activities including kite surfing or going on a world class reef or wreck dive.


Nestled within the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are a tropical nation of 26 atolls made up of over 1,190 coral islands and islets. Offering some of the best cruising in the world, you will experience a journey of discovery that incorporates white sand beaches, secluded anchorages, and a laid-back pace of life.

The Maldives are the perfect location for a diverse holiday filled with natural beauty, exceptional cuisine, and relaxation in the height of luxury, as well as the opportunity for a vast array of water sports activities including diving, snorkelling, jet skiing and paddle boarding. Each island has its own unique beauty, making this destination picture perfect for those Instagram ready holiday snaps.

Spend a day snorkelling and diving with stingrays, turtles and a large variety of fish or enjoy an aerial view of the islands from a sea plane.

Whether you wish to island hop and visit one of the Maldives’ five-star resorts for the day or spend your whole charter on board in complete privacy, a yacht provides the ultimate way to experience this stunning destination.


To those looking for an unforgettable holiday off the beaten track, a yacht charter in Antarctica provides a life-changing adventure that very few get to experience. Utilising a specialist crew and yacht, you can still enjoy the luxury facilities of a yacht in this remote landscape.

Antarctica offers an abundance of wildlife and untouched natural scenery that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether you would like to undertake a nature trek or go ice diving with a specialist instructor, there really is no other place in the world like Antarctica.

This unique destination boasts some of the world’s most exquisite and captivating landscapes that remain largely unexplored. Guests lucky enough to cruise these waters will be some of the few to experience its awe-inspiring ice waves and astonishing wildlife including whales, seals, and penguins, basking in the 24-hour sun.

Cruising on a luxurious private yacht provides a front row seat to view this extraordinary environment and the ability to tick the 7th continent off your bucket list.


An exotic, enchanting and exceptional destination. Cuba is the ultimate yacht charter destination for those who want the serenity of the ocean waves paired with the vibrant atmosphere of city living. La Havana has a magnificent culture to explore, with its brightly coloured buildings and classic cars. Be among the privileged guests who get to experience and explore the new-born star in the charter sky.

If you want lively nightlife, then Cuba is the place for you. Havana is jam packed with bars and nightclubs where you can dance the night away, listening to live music, with a fresh mojito in hand! It’s the perfect location for adventurous yachting enthusiasts. Explore and discover. Enjoy and relax. Surround yourself with the magic of Cuba.

Crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, and great nightlife – what’s not to love?


Located just off the east coast of Africa, the Seychelles are a group of islands renowned for their beaches, palm trees and beautiful landscapes. This archipelago is made up of 115 islands, comprising some of the oldest granite islands in the world as well as low-lying coral atolls and reef islands.

The diversity of the Seychelles has a fantastic advantage when cruising, as each island is just a short trip away, providing a range of options to create a diverse holiday filled with adventure and relaxation.

The Seychelles are home to some of the rarest flora and fauna found on earth with each island sloping from emerald green rain forests down to white sand beaches and turquoise oceans. The Seychelles are the first country in the world to officially protect more than 50% of its’ land within two UNESCO world heritage sites as well as national parks and nature reserves.

With all these incredible destinations to see around the world, why not charter a yacht and have a holiday filled with adventure, luxury, and relaxation all in one? A holiday where there is something to do for each and every guest, where you will all get to experience the activities you love, marvel at the natural world and cruise the world’s oceans from the comfort of your own private yacht.

Yacht charter specialists, West Nautical, is able to offer yacht charters in all areas of the world. Get in touch today to start planning your private trip to paradise.

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