Vibrant culture, exquisite food and over 7,500 exotic islands to explore – Australasia and the South Pacific are home to some of the most exciting charter territories on the planet.

Far more than just a palm-fringed paradise, these destinations provide the best of both worlds, the ultimate destinations for relaxation and simultaneously adventure.

Australia provides amazing culture in its cities from Sydney to Melbourne, whilst also being home to the most diverse range of mammals and marine life on the planet. Lose yourself among waterfalls, rainforest and of course the Great Barrier Reef.

For snowcapped scenery and blissful beachfronts New Zealand ticks all the boxes, learn about the rich Maori culture set amongst rugged cinematic landscapes. Swim, snorkel, kayak and hike till your heart’s content.

Fiji and Tahiti provide world-class surfing and diving opportunities as well as some of the richest ancient cultures to be found, while French Polynesia is a portal to a lost world of tropical archipelagos and endless wildlife encounters.