A driving experience like no other!
Lexus vehicles are award winning for their brave designs, strong and dependable build quality, industry leading self-charging hybrid technology and for their customer service. Lexus owners praise the dealerships for their attention to detail and for the brand holding regular Kaizen (‘continuous improvement’) workshops, where they explore new ways to improve their customer service.
Over recent years, Lexus designs have changed significantly to become bolder and more distinctive – to have a stronger presence on the road and to firmly stand out from the crowd.
Here, we introduce for the new Lexus LC, a luxury coupe with the choice between full hybrid or a thrilling V8, and the new Lexus LS, the flagship saloon with the most amazing rear seating with various massage functions to enable you to arrive at your destination fully refreshed.
Lexus Stoke are proud to have partnered with West Nautical and are able to deliver cars nationwide.

To contact Lexus Stoke, please click here to visit their website; alternatively call them on 01782 585198 or email them at quoting ‘West Nautical’ for a special introduction rate on the new LC or other models across the Lexus range.

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