The Maldives – The Deep South
The Maldives
The Deep South

With approximately 1,200 islands to explore, the Maldives offer a world of exceptional diving with a wide range of underwater flora, fauna and marine life.

The atolls of the Deep South in the Maldives will take you to remote islands, barely explored reefs, pelagic cleaning stations where larger aquatic creatures gather to be cleaned by smaller ones, colourful coral reefs and anemone gardens in an ocean so pristine it feels otherworldly.

Your crew will collect you up from Malé International Airport and bring you to the yacht. Enjoy a refreshing welcome drink while you listen to the captain’s welcome briefing.

A spectacular dinner will be served in the evening and you will spend the first night at Hulhumalé marina.

Laamu Atoll measures over 48km in length and 35km in width, it is home to some of the best dive sites in the world such as Guraidhoo and Gan. Expect curious caves, steep drop offs, exciting swim throughs and spectacular topography. Many channels will be teeming with fish where shark encounters are a likelihood.

Your crew will cruise to Fushi Kandu, a fantastic channel with a relatively shallow entrance of 15m perfect for an extended channel dive. This allows for channel crossing to maximise sightings of marine life.

The site earns its nickname of ‘Fish Soup’ with an abundance of grey reef sharks, barracuda, big eye jacks and a vast array of other aquatic life.

Enjoy a full morning of making the most of the onboard amenities, from the jets ki and fishing equipment to paddle boards and kayaks.

In the afternoon you will discover Laamu Manta Point; simply relax and watch these graceful creatures fly-by over your head as they join the queue of manta. Each patiently waits their turn for a clean-up from cleaner wrasse, residents of an active nearby coral block.

In the evening your crew will prepare a gourmet meal and sundowners of your favourite cocktail.

Huvadhoo Atoll, also referred to as Gaafu Atoll, is the deepest atoll in the Maldives. There a many pristine dives to undertake here, filled once more with caves and beautiful underwater seascapes of coral reefs and marine life.

Discover Nilandhoo Kandu, where divers are likely to face the strongest current upon entry of the channel and the drop off.

Look out for leopard sharks, grey reef sharks, mantas, silky sharks, barracuda, eagle rays and sea turtles. The diverse range of sharks on offer here makes the spot hugely popular with keen photographers as close up encounters are

almost guaranteed.

Relax and enjoy breakfast on board as you cruise to a nearby secluded beach. Sunbathe and snorkel in the crystal clear waters before heading to your next dive stop.

Mareehaa Kandu is the next channel dive, once more perfect for underwater photographers wanting some close up macro shots.

At this site divers drift the reef wall, looking out for larger fish. At the entrance of the channel it is possible to see grey reef sharks, eagle rays and jacks.

There are also schools of silversides and bluefin jacks, as well as the elusive mantis shrimp and crabs near the hard corals.

Keep your eyes peeled for whale sharks and sea turtles which are both are spotted occasionally.

Also known as Fuvahmulah Atoll, this region has over 20 known dive sites with more being discovered every year!

The atoll is unique in its isolation, earning its nickname as the ‘Galapagos of the Maldives’ and is the perfect destination for those in search of adventure.

It is one of the only places in the Maldives where guests can see tiger sharks, as well as thresher, hammerhead and grey reef sharks. Depending on the time of year of your charter, you can also see silvertip sharks, whale sharks, manta rays and even mola mola! (sunfish).

Today you will explore the most southern atoll in all the Maldives, the Addu Atoll. It was previously a British Royal Air Force base and holds much history to explore on Gan Island and at Meedhoo.

The six inhabited islands here are known collectively as Addu City, they are all connected by bridges and causeways, creating the longest continuous stretch of land in the country.

The reefs here are filled with marine life; corals, manta rays, sharks, channels, thilas and wrecks make this an exciting area to dive.

The atoll is also home to the largest wreck in the Maldives, the WWII HMS British Loyalty, at 140m in length. It lies at a depth of 31 metres below the water’s surface and is a must-visit for avid divers and those passionate about history.

Your trip is coming to an end. Your crew will arrange your transfer to the airport according to your flight schedule once you have had your breakfast on board.

The crew will also be more than happy to help you plan for the day if you have a late flight. Various options are available ranging from snorkelling excursions and booking for accommodation.

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