The Maldives – Northern Atolls
The Maldives
Northern Atolls

With approximately 1,200 islands to explore, the Maldives offer a world of exceptional diving with a wide range of underwater flora, fauna and marine life.

The Northern Atolls will take you to remote islands, barely explored reefs, pelagic cleaning stations where larger aquatic creatures gather to be cleaned by smaller ones, colourful coral reefs and anemone gardens in an ocean so pristine it feels otherworldly.

An impressive submerged pinnacle, Donfanu in Baa Atoll is an outstanding diving location and deserves special praise for the vast numbers of fish that dwell here.

Mesmerising topography, magical mantas and other large marine animals, plus a huge quantity of reef fish of enormous variety come together to make this a truly special dive site indeed.

It is also home to Hanifaru Bay, a large bay on the eastern side of the atoll where mantas congregate in their masses when plankton blooms in the midst of the southwest monsoon season.

Keep a look out for the resident whale sharks who also stop by to fee on the nutritious plankton soup.

Shark infested channels, wall dives and many different types of exotic fish from bannerfish and redtooth triggerfish to the elusive peacock mantis shrimp are a common sight along this formation. Larger fish such as tuna, barracuda and eagle rays are also likely to be spotted.

More experienced divers can head to Madivaru Kandu, where whitetip reef sharks may follow the channel’s edge.

The calm surrounding waters are perfect forr using the yacht’s jet ski, wakeboard and water skis.

The Noonu atoll offers diving for all levels of experience but suits intermediate divers particularly well.

Here beginners will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of catching drift dives. Grey reef sharks in numbers of 20+ swim in the area as well as a whole host of other marine life.

Look out for barracuda, jack fish, morays, schooling blue-stipped snapper, turtles, sting rays and spotted eagle rays.

Table corals are also in abundance with puffer fish often gathered around them. Keep your eyes peeled for shy mantis shrimps and the small but spectacular nudibranch.

One of the most visited atolls in the Maldives, Raa atoll is almost 70km long and 30km wide with 88 islands found here, 15 of which are uninhabited.

Famed for its submerged pinnacles, there is yet more fascinating marine life to be uncovered here.

Surgeonfish, butterflyfish, wrasses, fusiliers and triggerfish are easy to spot here and whale shark and manta ray encounters are also likely here.

There are plenty of calm lagoons to be found around in the surrounding waters which are perfect for making the most of the yacht’s water toys.

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