South of France – Corsica – Sardinia
South of France
Corsica – Sardinia

Explore the sparkling azure waters and colourful coastlines of SoF, Corsica and Sardinia on a charter with West Nautical.


Beginning in Antibes, you will make your way over to the fabulous town of Cannes for lunch and some relaxation, known for its old town, luxury yachts, and stunning beaches.

Visit the Picasso Museum, and take a leisurely stroll along the town's ancient ramparts.

Spend some time soaking up the sun on the beach or walking among the designer bars, couture shops and palaces of La Croisette before travelling overnight to Calvi on the northwest coast of Corsica.

With its medieval citadel and stunning bay, Calvi boasts a rich history, glittering beaches and a range of brasseries, bars and restaurants for you to enjoy.


Take in the fabulous coastline and fascinating history before setting off for the pastel-toned historic city of Ajaccio, which has everything from a remarkable palace and museum to a waterfront promenade with bustling nightlife.

On departing you will set sail for the Maddalena Islands.


Maddalena is suspended between Sardinia and Corsica and this scatter of islands has some of the most spectacular beaches in Italy, as well as some of the cleanest and clearest water.

This makes an ideal place for swimming, snorkelling or trying out some of the yacht’s water toys. After enjoying the outstanding beauty of the islands you will travel to Porto Cervo, which is surrounded by magnificent coastal scenery.


After enjoying a relaxing breakfast and taking in everything Maddalena has to offer, cruise to Porto Cervo, the “capital” of the Costa Smeralda and one of the most renowned beach resort towns in Italy.

Porto Cervo is the perfect place to relax - just walking around town, taking in the ocean breeze, or sitting at a cafe in a piazza will leave you refreshed and renewed.


After some serious rest and relaxation in Porto Cervo, you will be ready to move on to Cala Volpe. Breathtaking views and pristine beaches are the highlights of Cala di Volpe, which is located in the historical region known as Gallura on the Emerald Coast between the beaches of Li Itriceddi and Capriccioli.

Its strategic position offers easy access to other famous beaches, so there areplenty to choose from. Cala Di Volpe is peaceful and romantic, with its charming fishing villages and authentic Sardinian restaurants.


Next, you will cruise to Isola Budelli, best known for its Spiaggia Rosa (or Pink Beach, so-called because of the sand’s unique pink tinge). Enjoy lunch on board and the yacht will make the 1 hour journey to the colourful streets of Bonifacio, Corsica’s ancient fortress town, where you will spend the evening.

Bonifacio has sandy beaches and an impressive modern harbour, as well as a handful of interesting churches and museums to explore.


Waking in the Bonifacio marina, guests can walk along the cliffs to enjoy breath-taking views before setting sail for Antibes. With its busy port, 16th-century ramparts and narrow cobblestone streets lined with flowers, it’s easy to see why Antibes has been popular for so long.

You will have the perfect vantage point for enjoying the coast from the yacht or from the the long series of beaches south of the town. Beyond the city limits, you can explore beautiful Cap d’Antibes, a wooded cape studded with seaside mansions and pretty walking trails.

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