Norway Whale Watching and Northern Lights Tour
Norway Whale Watching
and Northern Lights Tour

Explore the idyllic north of Norway. On this once in a lifetime experience, you have a fantastic opportunity to see whales in their natural habitat, as well as the awe-inspiring Northern Lights.

Your journey begins in Tromsø, where you will meet
your crew and receive a short safety briefing.

On board Grey Wolf you can focus on a unique and
extraordinary wildlife watching experience. Sit back
and get ready to enjoy the breath-taking views and

Tromsø is a popular destination for spotting the
Northern Lights. For the best chances of seeing this
spectacle, we suggest checking out the panoramic
views from Mount Storsteinen. Either take a relaxing
trip upon a cable car or climb the 1,200 stone steps
on the Sherpa Staircase.


Today you will travel towards Nord-Lenangen,
passing world-famous whale spotting hotspots
nearby Tromsø.

The large marine mammals congregate here due
to deep-water upwellings of plankton and squid in
the region. Watch out for Sea eagles, puffins, seals,
minke whales, humpback whales, sperm whales and

Nord-Lenangen rests on the tip of the Lyngen region,
where you have access to spectacular views of the
Lygen Alps.


After breakfast you will head back out on the search for marine life. The next stop is Uløya, located in the New Finland region of Norway. The journey to this remote island gives you another great opportunity to spot a number of whale species.

Uløya provides breath-taking landscapes, untouched by nature. There are many different hiking trails with the island having three famous peaks of Uløytinden (1114m), Kjelvagtinden (1104m) and Blåtinden (1142m). If you are prepared to make the journey, you will be treated to stunning views across the island of of crystal-clear lakes and cascading waterfalls. A truly magical experience

Other wildlife to watch out for: Grey seal, white-tailed eagles, golden eagles, wolverines, lynx


The final stop before sailing back Tromsø is the fishing village of Skjervøy. Along the journey, enjoy kicking back on Grey Wolf, taking in the awesome Lyngen Alps that are complimented by the deep blue water of the Fjords.

At the heart of the Northern Troms, this gorgeous archipelago has become an extremely popular site for spotting whales, with fleets of boats sailing from Tromsø to catch a glimpse.

Other Wildlife to watch out for: Sea eagles, puffins, elk

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