Welcome to Greenland! The land of midnight sun in summer, the spectacular Northern Lights, charming villages, wild landscapes and incredible wildlife.

Welcome to Greenland! You will join your yacht in the capital city of Nuuk. Step aboard and meet your captain and crew. Spend the rest of the day settling in on board and sleeping off any jet lag.

If you have the energy head ashore in the evening and sample some Greenlandic cuisine before getting a good night’s rest in preparation for the start of tomorrow’s adventure.

Today after a great night’s sleep you will wake refreshed and ready to discover all that Nuuk has to offer.

Depending on the weather you can begin the day with a guided hike, there are several marked trails to choose from that start from the edge of the city. The scenery and views of the city from the trails are fantastic so have your camera at the ready.

If the weather is snowy you can opt to ride snowmobilesout to Quassussuaq or Ukkusissat where a beautiful lunch will await you.

In the afternoon the city itself has much to offer. Marvel at mummies in the Greenland National Museum, sample local craft beers at Greenland’s largest microbrewery, or visit the Nuuk Art Museum which houses both modern and historical art from renowned Greenland artists.


This morning you will arrive in Maniitsoq, the sixth largest town in Greenland and a hidden gem with majestic glaciers to be found around every corner.

The name ‘Maniitsoq’ means ‘uneven place’, and once you step ashore it will become clear why, the rugged terrain makes for great hiking trails.

While skiing dominates the winter months in the town, river fishing, hiking and whale watching are the primary activities of the summer. The pristine rivers near Maniitsoq offer plenty of opportunities for fly-fishers – pods of humpback whales are commonly seen, and the Eternity Fjord is often said to be one of the most beautiful in all of Greenland.

The dark skies also provide fantastic opportunities to view the Northern Lights all year round apart from the summer months when the midnight sun is present.


Kangaamiut is known as the ‘Mecca’ of Heli-skiers, home to some of the world’s best sites for the extreme sport. The small island offers everything from long, flat glaciers to steep mountainside gorges with descents of up to 2,000m, many of which end at the edge of the sea.

There are hundreds of spectacular runs dropping into three different fjords behind the island. The scenery as you ski here is second to none.

After an amazing but exhausting day on the slopes a traditional meal can be pre booked with the hosts of Kangaamiut Tourism consisting of local cuisine such seafood, reindeer, muskoxen and eider ducks, or you can head back to the yacht for dinner and cocktails with the phenomenal Kangaamiut fjords as your backdrop.


Sisimiut is Greenland’s second biggest town and is a hub of activity all year round. The surrounding fjords offer the opportunity to sight seals, walrus and reindeer.

The area is also great for ice diving, there are a couple of well-preserved wrecks to discover as well as plenty of marine life including seals and occasionally humpback and bowhead whales. As well as diving other activities on offer include hiking, flyfishing or kayaking in the pristine icy waters surrounding the coastline.

On land you can try the popular activity of dog sledding or discover the town’s museum where you can learn about Greenland’s Inuit traditions and industrial roots.

In the evening choose to dine at one of the local restaurants or dine back on board.


Today you will cruise to Aasiaat, a destination off the beaten tourist path on the southern boundary of the Disko Bay area. Expect colourful houses and plenty of dog sledding.

The town’s name is thought to mean ‘spiders’ in traditional Kalaallisut (native Greenlandic language), however it is unknown as to why, fear not the town is not heavily populated with the creatures. During winter and spring you can dog sled, ride snowmobiles and enjoy ice fishing.

During the summer and autumn months you can expect higher numbers of whales passing through the area returning from their winter migration. Species to look out for include humpback, minke and fin whales.

There are also a lot of festivals in the town during the summer months which make a great addition to any charter if you’re in town for these dates.


For your final full day on board you will visit Ilulissat, which translates directly as ‘icebergs’, the largest town in Disko Bay, there is much worth seeing here.

The city is situated near the Ilulissat Icefjord and is aptly named due to the skyscraper sized icebergs that adorn the surrounding area. Even when you close your eyes, the sounds of the icebergs cracking can be heard from one end of Ilulissat to the other.

Enjoy a helicopter tour of the town and surrounding area to experience the spectacular views from above.

The nutrient rich waters surrounding the city attract a wide range of seals and whales during the summer and autumn months, it is one of the best places to go whale watching in all of Greenland.

In the winter and spring months dog sledding, skiing, snowshoeing or snowmobiling can be enjoyed as well as experiencing the Northern Lights.

Wake in Ilullissat and enjoy a final breakfast on board. Take a last walk around the town and enjoy the beautiful views before disembarking and heading to the airport.

Welcome to Greenland! The land of midnight sun in summer, the spectacular Northern Lights, charming villages, wild landscapes and incredible wildlife.

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