Experience the magic of Norway & the Lofoten Islands on a charter with West Nautical - expect amazing wildlife and pristine natural beauty.

Your journey begins in Tromsø, where you will meet your crew and receive a short safety briefing.

On board you can focus on a unique and extraordinary wildlife watching experience. Sit back and get ready to enjoy the breath-taking views and landscapes.


Today you will travel towards Senja then on to the village of Andenes, the northernmost settlement of the island of Andøya, where you will pass through world-famous whale hotspots.

The large marine mammals congregate here due to deep-water upwellings of plankton and squid in the region. To the west it has the endless horizon of the North Atlantic Ocean, gazing westward you can envisage the icecaps of Greenland.

Wildlife to watch out for: Sea eagles, puffins, seals, minke whales, humpback whales, sperm whales and porpoises


After breakfast you will head for the famous Møysalen National Park, which preserves the area’s unique landscape and wildlife and is one of the few national parks in Norway to include both mountains and the sea, a magical place to visit.

Spend some time in and around this area and get a real taste of what this area is so justifiably famous for.

Wildlife to watch out for: Peregrine falcons and gyrfalcon, white-tailed eagles, golden eagles, moose, otters and hares


Today you will experience the narrow, picturesque canal between Raftsund and the Trollfjord. The strait is crossed by the Raftsund Bridge near the northern mouth of the strait.

The Trollfjorden is a small fjord that branches off the strait to the west and it is a well-known tourist attraction due to its beautiful landscape and rugged hiking terrain created by the surrounding mountains. The name is derived from troll, a figure from Norse mythology.

The canal is bordered by sheer cliffs and is home to orca whales - an ideal spot to see these magnificent mammals.

Wildlife to watch out for: Sea eagles, puffins, orca whales


The principle town in the Moskenes municipality, Reine comprises the southern part of the island of Moskenesøya in the traditional district of Lofoten.

A wonderfully photogenic destination, Reine is a photographer’s dream and a firm favourite with charter passengers. It is also the perfect destination for hiking and exploring. The waters of Moskenes are best enjoyed from a kayak while you take in the spectacular scenery. Afterwards discover Reine’s many cafés and restaurants.

The surrounding waters are also renowned for deep-sea fishing, according to locals it is almost unheard of to come back empty handed.

Wildlife to watch out for: Sea eagle, puffins, seals, otters, orca whales, moose and pilot whales

Hidden amongst magnificent cliffs, the little-known village of Nusjford is one Norway’s oldest and best-preserved fishing villages. It was one of 3 Norwegian destinations protected by UNESCO in 1975 to preserve traditional Norwegian architecture.

Due to its protected status, Nusfjord much like a living museum. Take a step back in time as you walk around, experiencing the place as it was 50 years ago.

Enjoy the traditional yellow and red fisherman cabins on stilts as you take a walk to the lighthouse. On an evening soak up the views of the impressive Flakstad mountain passes from the yacht.

Wildlife to watch out for: Sea eagles, seals, moose and otters


The perfect anchorage for hiking, fishing and exploring, tucked into a spectacular mountainous fjord, Digermulen is located on the southwestern tip of Hinnoya which is the fourth largest island in Norway. The island is so large that each of the four corners are in different districts. Spend the day hiking and exploring this beautiful area before heading back for your final night on board.

 | Hanse Explorer
Hanse Explorer - Fassmer
  • 47.76 m
  • 2006 / 2021
  • 12
Hanse Explorer -
 | Nansen Explorer
Nansen Explorer - Kotka
  • 71.6 m
  • 1983 / 2021
  • 7
  • 12
Nansen Explorer -
 | Circa Marine Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf - Circa Marine
Circa Marine
  • 26.19 m
  • 2017
  • 3
  • 7
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