Turquoise waters, flawless white sandy coastline and amazing wildlife, cultural and food experiences. Welcome to the Bahamas.

Touch down at Nassau International Airport where your chauffeur will be ready to collect you and transfer you to your luxury vessel.

Your friendly crew will welcome you with freshly prepared Caribbean cocktails and a spectacular gourmet lunch.

Once you have had a chance to unwind and settle in you will set off, cruising across Yellow Banks, world renowned for its spectacular coral reefs. Your captain will anchor off Allen Cay where you can explore and become acquainted with the seven different subspecies of indigenous rock iguana that call this corner of the world home.

After your first day in paradise head back on board, you will return to Nassau to anchor overnight.

Distance to Travel: 58nm

Wake in your five-star cabin to the smell of fresh coffee and enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by your personal onboard chef. Head to the sundeck and take in the spectacular views and warm sea air as you cruise towards Eleuthera.

A spectacular diving spot, Eleuthera is a thin strip of sand boasting more beaches than any other Caribbean island. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters and coral reefs whilst taking breaks to soak up the Caribbean sun with a pina colada in hand.

After lunch you will anchor off Harbour Island’s famed ‘Pink Sand Beach’, a natural phenomenon and a wonder to behold.

End the day with an evening meal prepared and served by the crew on one of the neighbouring beaches.

Distance to Travel: 43nm

Today you will visit Shroud Cay in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. a protected zone for over 30 years. Currents run around this little beach peninsula, known to the locals as ‘the washing machine’. If you jump into the current at one point, it will wash you around to the other side!

Spend the day exploring the uninhabited island and its river like network of mangrove creeks, looking out for turtles and troves of tropical fish.

Return to the yacht on an evening for a standout meal and sundowners under the stars where you will anchor overnight.

Distance to Travel: 12nm

Today you will spend the whole day exploring Warderick Wells, the headquarters of the Exumas Land and Sea Park, there is much to see and do!

This is the perfect place for swimming and snorkelling, discovering shoals of tropical fish and mesmerising coral reefs. There are also several great hiking trails if you wish to spend a few hours on land. Look out for the skeleton of a 53’ sperm whale that died after swallowing many plastic bags, a poignant reminder that these waters must continue to be protected.

Trail guides can be arranged to lead you around the islands must-see places, Boo Boo Hill is a favourite, it is now the spot where visitors bring a piece of driftwood with the name of their vessel on it as a gift to the gods.

After a day filled with adventure head back to the comfort and luxury of your yacht for a relaxing evening on board.

Distance to Travel: 4nm

For nature lovers Compass Cay is high on the list of hotspots to visit on a Bahamian break. You will arrive in the morning and enjoy breakfast at anchor before disembarking at the marina to meet the local nurse sharks.

As seen on the Discovery Channel, Shark Week, Animal Planet and many more TV shows, these sharks are very comfortable with human contact and are not to be missed!

Head back to the yacht for lunch and you will then cruise to one of the Cay’s thirteen stunning beaches where you can swim, snorkel and make use of the yachts array of water toys.

Your final stop in the evening will be ‘Rachel’s Bubble Bath’, a lagoon on the north end and the islands most idyllic spot. The lagoon is fed by the water from the Exuma Sound breaking over a notch in the lava rocks, which often causes the water to froth at the surface.

Distance to Travel: 6nm

Today you will tick off another bucket list item: meeting the swimming pigs of Big Majors Cay! Also known as ‘Pig Island’, this hotspot is a must for any charter of The Bahamas.

The island is unspoilt and uninhabited, the adorable pigs will swim right up to you where you can pet them, they will like you all the more if you bring them something to eat! It is advised to only feed these friendly animals pitted fruit and vegetables, your crew will be well-experienced in this area and will provide you with their favourite snacks.

You will also visit ‘Thunderball Grotto’, located just west of Staniel Cay, made famous by the 1965 James Bond movie, ‘Thunderball’. This fantastic underwater cave system is perfect for snorkelling, diving and wading and is teeming with exotic marine life.

After an action-packed day you will return to your yacht for a Caribbean feast under the stars.

Distance to Travel: 20nm

You will spend your last full day unwinding and enjoying the beaches of Highbourne Cay, snorkelling, sunbathing and enjoying the yacht’s amenities.

Enjoy freshly made cocktails on the sundeck when you’ve had enough of the sand and sea (if this is possible!) and get ready for your final evening meal.

You can choose to dine at Xuma’s Restaurant and Bar or enjoy one final banquet prepared by your crew, followed by drinks and music on the sundeck whilst starts glisten overhead.

Distance to Travel: 42nm

The time has come for you to say goodbye to your captain and crew. Say your farewells and disembark back in Nassau.

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