Where could you go in 4500 Nautical Miles?
Where could you go in 4500 Nautical Miles?
Grey Wolf boasts the highest worldwide safety rating

4500 nautical miles, or 5178.5 standard miles, seems to be an incomprehensible distance, a distance large enough you’d need a jumbo jet to travel. A distance most won’t travel in their lifetime.

For context, this is like driving from London to Monaco 5 and a half times, or sailing from Southampton to Nigeria, or the length of 448,000 double decker buses end to end.

It also happens to be the maximum distance exploration vessel Grey Wolf can travel without needing to refuel. And with her highest MCA rating, there’s nowhere she can’t go!

So it’s less where could you go, and more where would you go?

For the adventurous guest who prefers to immerse themselves in culture and get lost in unchartered territory, there is always the option to go where few have gone before.

Embark on a charter to the most remote corners of the Earth, from the icy fjords of Norway and Svalbard where you can marvel at the northern lights and experience magical wildlife encounters, to the Northern Passage between Canada and the Arctic Archipelago where few have sailed before – and tantalisingly close to the North Pole.

Still not quenching your thirst for adventure? You can even tick the seventh continent off your bucket list on an exclusive charter to Antarctica. Witness pristine, glittering ice-capped scenery and an array of wildlife that can be found nowhere else in the world from curious penguins to majestic whales.


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