West Nautical Sponsors Supercar Sunday at Grantley Hall
West Nautical Sponsors Supercar Sunday at Grantley Hall

West Nautical was thrilled to sponsor Supercar Sunday 2024 at the stunning Grantley Hall in Ripon, North Yorkshire, and what an amazing day it turned out to be! 🏎️

A Day Filled with Excitement and Elegance

In collaboration with Supercar Driver, the event welcomed over 100 breath-taking supercars. The sight of these machines, each a masterpiece of engineering and design, created a visual feast for car enthusiasts and casual observers alike.

Live Music and Gourmet Delights

Adding to the day's vibrancy, Scouting for Girls delivered electrifying live music performances, keeping the crowd entertained throughout. Complementing the auditory delights was a barbecue cooked to perfection by Grantley Hall’s world-class chefs. The aroma of grilled delicacies wafting through the air ensured that everyone's taste buds were as engaged as their eyes and ears.

Fun Activities for All Ages

The fun didn't stop with the cars and music. Throughout the day, attendees enjoyed a variety of activities designed to entertain guests of all ages. Among these, our boat race stood out as a crowd favourite.

The Thrilling Remote-Controlled Boat Race

A huge thank you to everyone who visited us and participated in our remote-controlled boat race! It was fantastic to see so many people, young and old, steering their boats around the lake and racing against the clock to win some fantastic prizes 🛥️. The energy was palpable as participants vied for the top spot, showcasing their skills and having a blast in the process.

Celebrating Our Champions

We are thrilled to congratulate our top three fastest participants! 👏

1st Place: Mark C.
2nd Place: Dom J.
3rd Place: Myles S.

Your enthusiasm and competitive spirit truly made the event special!

Join Us for More Exciting Events

For more information about the event and West Nautical, or if you want to stay updated on our future events and offerings, please contact us at info@westnautical.com. We look forward to seeing you at our next event, where we promise more excitement, luxury, and unforgettable experiences.

Stay connected with us on social media for the latest updates, and thank you once again to everyone who made Supercar Sunday 2024 an event to remember!

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