Welcome to the board! Sea-trials in Southampton
Welcome to the board! Sea-trials in Southampton

Squadron 42 proved to be one of our most ambitious challenges. It's a compact Squadron with the genuine feeling of a much, much larger yacht. Each area has been designed to work in harmony with the next. Your journey through the entire yacht is seamless, with no interruptions. And it is this flow that gives a feeling of a luxurious, open space. The type of freedom you would only expect from a 50+ foot yacht. The large flybridge isn’t just for show, every aspect has been carefully considered to create the space for people to move around freely. Yes, we can safely say, it is every inch a Squadron.

Enjoy the sea, sun and bright emotions with Fairline Squadron 42!

Please contact West Nautical to clarify the time and date of sea-trial.

by West Nautical

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