The hidden sales market of Superyachts
The hidden sales
market of Superyachts
The hidden sales market of Superyachts

2021 has seen a record increase in the Superyacht sales market, with more first-time buyers than ever before. According to Boat International, sales have risen by 46% when compared to the same period in 2020.

The industry is known for its privacy and exclusivity and the sales market of Superyachts is no exception. Some yacht owners prefer to sell their vessel in total discretion and confidentially.

There are multiple platforms, websites and high-end publications dedicated to advertising yachts for sale;

but what about the yachts that are not advertised, the off-market yachts that you won’t find online?

The role of a Sales Manager at any yachting brokerage company includes knowing which yachts are potentially available for sale before they even hit the market. When working with a Client Manager, providing every detail about what kind of yacht you are looking for is key, as this will allow them to narrow down their search to a few options of the best yachts matching your criteria and budget perfectly.

With the range of yacht sizes, designs, performances and features we are seeing in 2021 and the increased demand for purchasing Superyachts, we believe the off-market yachts are the best place to find you the yacht of your dreams.

West Nautical’s Sales Manager, Pierre Badin, shares his opinion on the increase in sales: ‘In the past there has always been a good supply of yachts on the market with an increasing demand for buyers, but as of 2021, this balance has flipped and there are now more customers looking to buy than there are yachts available.

This is where Sales Managers come in – we can provide customers with exclusive offline deals and yachts before they are revealed to the wider market due to our industry knowledge and well-established connections.’

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