Spotlight on Turkey with JJ Carey
Spotlight on Turkey
with JJ Carey
Spotlight on Turkey with JJ Carey

West Nautical's JJ Carey had the pleasure of attending various yacht charter shows over the course of the month. Read on to discover what yacht charter shows are all about and JJ's highlights of Turkey.

What are yacht charter shows?

A yacht charter show is a professional event where luxury yachts available for charter are showcased to charter brokers, industry professionals, and sometimes clients.

JJ Turkey Deep Water

What are the purposes of the show?

Showcasing Yachts:
Owners and yacht management companies present their vessels, highlighting their features, amenities, and recent refurbishments to potential clients and brokers.

The event provides an opportunity for yacht brokers, charter companies, yacht crews, and other industry professionals to network, share industry insights, and form business relationships.

Inspections and Familiarisation:

Charter brokers inspect the yachts to familiarise themselves with the vessels' layouts, conditions, and unique features so they can better match clients with suitable yachts.

JJ's Time at TYBA

I had the incredible opportunity to visit Turkey earlier this May. The Turkey show was hosted in Gocek, one of the most picturesque locations in Europe.

Familiarisation trip on board Deep Water

Following the TYBA show I was privileged to be invited on a familiarisation trip and my time aboard Deep Water was unforgettable!

Deep Water

The highlight was enjoying the culinary masterpieces created by the winner of TYBA's Chef competition — each meal was a delight. The rest of the crew was equally outstanding, always attentive and ensuring a fantastic experience.

I can’t fault a single thing about the boat or the crew. A huge thank you to everyone on DEEP WATER and the central agent. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming season!

What would a yacht charter holiday in Turkey look like?

Set sail through the enchanting Gulf of Fethiye, Turkey’s premier yachting destination. Start your journey from the charming and well-provisioned village of Gocek or the vibrant Fethiye town. The coastline is a breathtaking blend of dramatic cliffs, wooded hillsides, and ancient ruins. Explore mountainous pine-forested bays with crystal-clear waters that seem to invite you in.

Whether you prefer anchoring in a secluded bay, mingling with locals at a waterside taverna, diving into the depths of a sunken city, or even paragliding from a 1650m cliff, this area has something for everyone.

For more information about Turkey and the range of yachts available, please reach out via, or fill out our short quiz for personalised yacht holiday recommendations. 

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