Special occasion yacht charters
Special occasion
yacht charters
Special occasion yacht charters

Do you have a milestone birthday coming up or perhaps your silver wedding anniversary?

Why not treat yourself and your loved ones to an experience they won’t forget to truly mark the occasion? Chartering a yacht for a special occasion is unique, like no other holiday you have ever had and something your friends and family will cherish and remember forever.


To ensure the perfect experience, make sure you book well in advance to secure a yacht that is perfect for your requirements. Each and every yacht is unique and there are endless factors to take into account. Planning is key to ensure everything runs to perfection for such an important event. An experienced yacht charter company such as West Nautical will be able to walk you through all of the key steps and ensure your getaway runs exactly to plan.

Some key factors to consider prior to booking a yacht charter are whether you are looking for a holiday with family or friends, or a romantic getaway for two? The number of guests you would like to stay on board will affect the size, type and price of the yacht you hire, as rates vary depending on the number of cabins and range of facilities you would like. You can often have more people on board throughout the day, however legislation generally limits the amount of people sleeping on board to 12, not including your crew. The limit of 12 guests also applies when the yacht is cruising. However, when the yacht is in a marina, you may have more guests on board for a party, dinner or event.

The other factor that is key when selecting your yacht is the location of your getaway. You may have an idea of exactly which part of the world you wish to explore, but should you need a little help, your charter broker will be able to provide assistance and recommendations as they will know the perfect locations for you to visit depending on the kind of getaway you are looking for. They can then work with you to create a bespoke itinerary to cater for yours and your guests’ needs, offering advice on cities you may wish to visit and secluded beaches where you can fully immerse yourself in the scenery and take full advantage of your private yacht.

Once you have agreed on the number of guests, dates and location you will be able to narrow down your search by considering factors such as the onboard water sports toys, facilities and crew to then finalise your booking.

Prior to your getaway, you will be sent a preference sheet which will allow you to provide in-depth details about all of your guests’ requirements. This will include everything from sleeping arrangements and the activities you would like to undertake, to the food and beverages you would like served on board. All charter yachts come with their own chef; it is therefore key for the crew to be as informed as possible in order to make your special occasion charter perfect in every way.

Your charter broker and crew will always take it a step further when ensuring this is a once in a life-time holiday. Should you wish to have a spa day on board, organise live music on board for a special dinner party or organise a diving excursion, they will be more than happy to arrange that ahead of time, so everything is planned for the ultimate celebration vacation.

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