Home to the greatest concentration of yachts in Europe and quintessentially breathtaking backdrops that can’t fail to impress, a charter in the Western Mediterranean provides access to wonderful cities such as Bonnafacio, Monaco, Naples and St Tropez, with a contrasting abundance of natural beauty that’s in easy reach only from a yacht.

Stunning white beaches are to be found in Corsica, whilst Sardinia’s national parks and pink sands are only a short sail away. Come the evening, the history and charm of winding streets of Taormina and Syracuse present wonderful opportunities to dine immersed in ancient history.

The style of cruising in the Western Mediterranean is one of barefoot luxury, decadent but distinctly relaxed. Let the Captain show you the most idyllic locations, secret anchorages that become your own for the night, enjoy delicious food on board produced by your private chef, and absorb the landscapes surrounding your yacht.

Good For: Snorkeling, Nightlife, Marine Life, Nature, Diving, Golf, Casino, Shopping, Fine Dining, Anchorage, Mountains

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