Galaktika Skay Diving and Dhoni Upgrade
Galaktika Skay
Dive & Dhoni Package
Galaktika Skay Diving and Dhoni Upgrade

West Nautical are delighted to present a special offer for Galaktika Skay, upgrade your charter with her new 'Diving & Dhoni' package.
*Package is optional and prices are in addition to the normal charter rate.  

Galaktika Skay Dive & Dhoni Offer

What is a Dhoni and why upgrade? 

• Dhoni's are traditional Maldivian boats used to provide easy access to dive sites

• Dhoni's provide more room for people and diving equipment to make the most of your diving experience

• Two experienced local crew members will drive you to the best atolls in the Maldives

• They provide a great vantage point from which to enter the water with diving equipment

• Dhoni's are a fantastic way to experience an authentic taste of the Maldives


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