Famous designer John Vickers reveals Mulder 94 Voyager secrets
Famous designer John Vickers reveals Mulder 94 Voyager secrets

Could you please tell us some words about the 94 Voyager interior design creation?

The stylish furniture is all perfectly proportioned to the interior with the tables providing highly decorative but sophisticated visual interest and focal points. Using Vickers Studio’s network of suppliers the yacht's furniture and interior features were hand built in the UK by the most highly experienced quality artisans and craftsmen. For the outdoor spaces colour choices were inspired by the simplicity of the idyllic beaches the yacht will undoubtedly visit during its exciting future voyages.

What’s the main idea of Mulder 94 Voyager interior design?

Vickers studio was inspired by the vision of a tropical blue sea lapping on the shore of a white sandy beach. Vickers sourced very rare blue coral to use as the colour focus throughout the yacht which links all the vivid azures, crisp whites, and soft Aegean blues found throughout the furnishings. The furniture was designed to be elegant but carefully chosen be comfortable so as you can truly relax in the spaces. The clean crisp white fabrics provide clean relaxed glamour while the blue corals inspired the cushion and carpet colours. The fabrics on the dining chairs were selected to match perfectly with the beautiful white corals in the Vickers studio feature dining table.

For the evenings, the night lighting of the serene blue resin feature wall panelling, coffee table and back lit coral dining table was designed to create a beautiful mood after dark. This subtle feature lighting cleverly highlights the interior’s uniqueness. With the corals providing the colour-scape and textural start point, other precious marine materials including mother of pearl, all feature in the interior of this stunning yacht.

Did the 94 Voyager's interior contain some unique details?

First of all, unique back lit Blue resin and metal panels. These unique feature works were sourced by Vickers studio from artists working in London’s east end. These craftsmen and artists were very proud to produce these signature panels for the voyager yacht.

Then - rare ‘blue corals’ and ‘table corals’. These beautiful pieces are have been ethically sourced by Vickers studios suppliers and provide the inspiration for the fabrics and colours.

Worth to be mentioned a unique back lit art commissions by Rado Kirov. The iconic rippling steel work of world renowned artist Rado Kirov, known for his awe-inspiring major sculptures was especially commissioned to create two exclusive works, responding to the seascape theme adding contrast yet softness to the owner’s and VIP cabins.

Can you describe the 94 Voyager's interior design in three words?
I designed the interior to create a feeling I have called: ‘Relaxed luxury seascape’ . This gives a unified aesthetic appeal throughout and artfully links the interior and colours to the oceans the yacht was built to discover.

by West Nautical

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