Expeditions in the Northern Hemisphere with Explorer Yacht Grey Wolf
chartering the northern hemisphere summer 2023
Expeditions in the Northern Hemisphere with Explorer Yacht Grey Wolf

Charter the 26m Circa Marine yacht, Grey Wolf - the ultimate support yacht for your expeditions in the Northern Hemisphere in 2023! Explore the fjords in Norway or Heli-ski in Svalbard, the experiences of a lifetime!

Grey Wolf support yacht

Grey Wolf is a 26-metre functional Power Boat launched in New Zealand by Circa Marine in 2017. Boasting the highest worldwide safety rating awarded by the MCA of CAT O, she is the perfect yacht for adventurous charterers.

Built for a seriously knowledgeable and experienced owner, the yacht has been on expeditions as far away as Antarctica and handled every condition with aplomb.

Key Features: 


From the rainforests of Borneo to the ice-filled fjords of the Antarctic, unlock the potential to travel across all four corners of the globe with a CAT 0 support yacht, no destination is out of bounds with Grey Wolf.

  • 5,000 NM RANGE

For perspective, that’s New Zealand to Chile!  Using state of the art and highly fuel-efficient machinery, along with large auxiliary fuel tanks and solar panels, Grey wolf can ensure charter experiences remain uninterrupted, especially for long haul adventuring.


Rugged, tough, and capable, Grey Wolf provides the best protection when travelling through all weather conditions, allowing you to be flexible with your charter schedule. Don’t be stuck in port when you could be out exploring.


No matter where you are exploring, it is vital that your guests capture their amazing experiences on board. Don’t let the darkness stop your wildlife hunting charter, Grey Wolf offers state of the art IR heat cameras, making it possible to search and see wildlife, even in the midst of darkness.


Military-grade tenders, maintained to the highest standards will ensure you can explore even the most remote islands and shorelines. Want to go completely covert? Grey Wolf offers kayaks is you’d like to travel under your own steam.


Efficient design and long-range capability reduce the fuel consumption and therefore reduce the charter cost, with the addition of solar panels further reduce fuel consumption.


Curb your sailing anxiety, with the highest worldwide safety rating awarded by the MCA, safe sailing is guaranteed with Grey Wolf as your support vessel.


Any Vessel is only as good as its crew. Grey Wolf has a crew of serious pedigree, with multiple circumnavigations under their belts. The crew were also heavily involved with her construction, ensuring all maintenance and repairs can be done from any location.

Watch the Grey Wolf lifestyle video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQjUlkrpPCg

Charter prices for the 2023 season

  • High Season: €58,000 per week
  • Low season: €52,000 per week

Please visit https://westnautical.com/yacht-charter/circa-marine-grey-wolf-2/ for more information or contactcharter@westnautical.com  / +44 (0) 7467 485919 to book the charter of a lifetime

View the itinerary and map: https://bit.ly/3YBlmFx

Contact Charter@westnautical.com to enquire about this one of a kind charter!

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