All 48 pleasures: three 48 feet Fairline models.
All 48 pleasures: three 48 feet Fairline models.

Fairline Targa 48 Open, Fairline Targa 48 GT and Fairline Squadron 48 high-technology and economical yachts have been built at the new production plant in Corby where they underwent a fully automatic process for the varnishing as well as the latest technologies for plasma-cutting and vacuum forming. A special light-weight hull enables them to be incredibly swift and nimble.

Inside Fairline Targa 48 GT anything is incredibly logical since all design solutions aimed at reaching one goal: the interior shouldn’t be pretentious, but detailed, voluminous and functional in the best shipyard traditions. A key option in the standard equipment is the electric folding roof: it’s light and imperceptible and makes you feel on board a model “open” even when the roof is closed. Let the sun and sea air in simply by pressing a bottom both at anchor and at full speed.

As for others models, Targa 48 Open with its wide roof and its panoramic windows that actually can be opened suits the most for Mediterranean vacations for those who really love to sunbath. Excellent sunbed at aft, tender garage and hydraulic bathing platform make it a mature yacht. At the moment it is one of the most lively and impressive sports cruiser on the market.

Russian public is more accustomed to flybridge yachts and thus more interested in the 48 feet Squadron 48 which boasts twice the volume than the preceding models. On the wide flybridge there is enough space for relax and for a dining table at aft which easily lowers turning out into a sunbed, while at bow there is the wheelhouse.

The flybridge is definitely the ideal option for a 48 feet Fairline and in fact it will not disappoint protects the salon while enabling it to be bright and wide, conveying a sense of home place on water.

A considerable advantage which belongs to any 48 feet Fairline model is the optimal hull dimension as well as excellent maneuverability and management. They are real yachts easy to manage even if you take the helm for the first time.

A 48 feet Fairline yacht is not just the right size boat, but it is very close to the customer in all respects and very comfortable. Fairline provides the possibility to equip the yacht with a third cabin, or with two cabins and a dining room. Furthermore the master suite with sofas located in the amidships can be replaced with an additional bed and one cabin at bow with a sliding V-shape bed. Every 48 feet Fairline yacht presents an optimal balance between its characteristics and its price. Your next step after a 48 feet probably will be a yacht endowed with four cabins as a new level of relax on water. Most likely, it will be a Fairline once again…

by West Nautical

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