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Sell Your Yacht

The West Nautical brokerage team are well versed in providing yacht valuations

As yacht sale professionals, we understand the intricacies of a complex market with many variables, helping hundreds of owners every year determine what their yacht is worth.

Accurately valuing a luxury yacht requires a combination of technical knowledge, in-depth appreciation of the market, and realistic statistical analysis of past sales. West Nautical takes a comprehensive approach, utilising our extensive experience and market knowledge to produce an accurate figure.

By carefully coming to the correct figure at the start, a realistic sales strategy with momentum can be established with the vendor before listing. From this, a pricing strategy can be discussed, depending on the vendor’s specific circumstances. This is the West Nautical approach to valuation and pricing; comprehensive, realistic, and focussed on an efficient sale for each client.

Creating stories about the experience and benefits of your yacht must come first.

Our In house marketing team will clearly set out her value proposition to showcase her character, personality and attitude. Your yacht is the perfect yacht for a particular type of charter guest.

West Nautical’s creative agency and yacht storytelling approach is very well suited to develop and execute a rich and compelling marketing strategy for your yacht.
There are several story angles about your yacht’s capabilities, design, and the experiences guests and new owners are able to achieve while on board.

To help achieve this West Nautical would bring its ‘creative crew’ to the yacht to photograph, video, and write about your yacht in detail, writing copy and experiential storytelling points about every facet of the yacht. Additionally, we can carry out captain and crew interviews so prospective clients can see first hand what life on board is like.

The result would be a photo, video and story asset library that would be used to fuel an extensive marketing campaign for the yacht. Enough that we were able to execute a campaign of ‘sustained engagement’ in the marketplace to ensure your yacht remains top of mind with yacht shoppers and corresponding brokers.

We will also list the yacht on the West Nautical site, along with the most popular and recognised third party listings sites. We would also send regular email marketing campaigns direct to our extensive client, broker and media database ensuring maximum reach.

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