A cruise aboard a luxury expedition yacht is a life-changing adventure that very few experience. Untamed wilderness and nature at its rawest set the backdrop to an unforgettable holiday.

Once, only the hardiest sailors ventured South of the 60 degree parallel. The remotest of oceans still requires the greatest of respect, but the rewards of cruising Antarctica are unmatched. West Nautical can make your journey to this beautiful region a luxurious one without compromise, utilising the best yachts and most qualified crew.

Expedition yachting is a specialist area of the charter sector, requiring a yacht built for such uncompromising waters. Many expedition yachts are capable of breaking through ice, whilst all come with a full complement of crew that will make your time in such a remote place effortless and exciting.

An abundance of wildlife and untouched natural scenery is one of the main draws of the Antarctic. In addition to the yacht’s regular crew, we can also provide a specialist nature guide, or, for the more adventurous, ice diving instructors.

This once-in-a-lifetime charter allows you to witness Antarctica in it's full glory, all whilst aboard a luxury motor yacht. With unparalleled scenery and incredible wildlife, the journey through this icy paradise is a true adventure.

Upon completing your journey from Punta Arenas, you will be warmly welcomed by your luxury yacht crew on King George Island.

The island is often the first port of call for visitors as the northern most point on the sub-Antarctic archipelago, known as the South Shetland Islands.

King George Island could be classed as one of the most multi-cultural locations on the planet, as it is home to a number of research bases for various countries including Peru, China and Russia.

Although it is known for these bases, King George Island also offers stunning views of icy landscapes and a diverse population of wildlife.

Take the opportunity to sit back and wind down after travelling while your crew help you settle on board.

Today you will embark on the first stop of your Antarctic journey; Deception Island. This horse-shoe shaped island is home to a dormant volcano. Arriving in the flooded caldera gives you the chance to spot some fascinating geological formations.

There is a diverse range of avian wildlife including brown skuas, cape petrels and snowy sheathbills. The island is also classified as an 'Important Bird Area' as over 100,000 pairs of chinstrap penguins live here.

Take the opportunity to hike and explore some of the remaining signs of civilisation on the island. This includes eerily abandoned buildings that remain from the former whaling station, including a derelict airplane hanger and a former British science base. After a day filled with adventure, enjoy a relaxing dip in nature ‘s hot tub from the volcanic springs of Pendulum Cove.

Day 3 - Port Lockroy

After breakfast, you will travel to the most visited site in the Antarctic, Port Lockroy. The naturally occurring harbour of the island welcomes you with open arms. As the home of Britain’s Antarctic military site until 1962, the former base has been transformed into a museum so guests can explore the exhibit and take a journey back in time.

Port Lockroy also has the only post office in the Antarctic peninsula, known as the ‘Penguin Post Office’. This charming shop is primarily known for it’s gift shop where you can buy something to treasure from your trip.

Take the chance to see the endangered gentoo penguin colony, who are being monitored to study their breeding patterns. If you’re lucky, you might have a close encounter with one of these adorable creatures.

Day 4 - Paradise Bay

Known for it’s still waters and spectacular scenery, you will arrive at the idyllic Paradise Bay. This harbour is aptly named as it is as close to a frozen paradise as you will ever see.

Upon entering the bay, you will pass a spectacular array of icebergs that vary in both shape and shades of white and blue, giving a beautiful effect that is perfect for a photo opportunity. There is a reason why this area is affectionately known as the Kodak Gap.

Take a trip off the boat on a zodiac tender where you will travel through the ice floe, where you can see seals basking in the sun and penguins diving into the icy waters. If you’re fortunate, you may even spot a humpback whale!

Day 5 - Neko Harbour

On arrival to Neko Harbour, you have the chance to take your first steps on mainland Antarctica.

Watch the active glacier in action as it carves chunks that fall into the icy water below forming ice bergs. A truly unique geographical process which has to be witnessed in person. On a calm day, the reflections from the water showing the imposing icy mountains are breath-taking.

Down at the beach, weddell seals and fur seals can be seen lounging around, whilst colonies of gentoo penguins are known to breed on the hill overlooking the harbour.

Day 6 - Hannah Point

Hannah Point is a wildlife lover's dream, as one of the best places to see wildlife in the South Shetland Islands. Your tour around this narrow peninsula will allow you to see a multitude of animals swimming, soaring and waddling.

Over 1500 breeding pairs of gentoo penguins and 1000 chinstrap penguins live on the rocks of Hannah Point. There have been a number of macaroni penguins spotted on the isle, which are known for their distinctive yellow crest resembling a crown.

Other birdlife that tend to nest here include southern giant petrels, kelp gulls, blue eyed shags and snowy sheathbills.

Day 7 - Penguin Island

On your penultimate leg of the trip, you will moor at the tiny Penguin Island, situated just south of King George Island. As the name suggests, the island is home to a vast amount of penguins who enjoy roaming one of South Shetland’s smaller isles.

The penguin colonies that dwell on this icy plain are adelie and chinstrap penguins, but you may also see arctic terns and kelp gulls.

For those seeking physical activity, we suggest hiking up the marked path which leads to Deacon Peak. This 170 metre viewpoint offers exceptional views across the whole island, looking over everything from beaches where weddel seals and elephant seals frolick, down to a meltwater lake that has formed in a volcanic crater.

Day 8 - Maxwell Bay

On your final day, you shall arrive at Maxwell Bay, King George Island where you sadly must say goodbye to the crew and disembark after a wonderful experience.

From here, you will begin your return journey with transportation to Puntas Arena and beyond.

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