Deckhand 55m+ MY Private
Deckhand 55m+ MY Private

West Nautical are recruiting a Deckhand for a 55m + MY, Private.

This position is for an Experienced deckhand with at least 1 years’ experience on previous yachts and good knowledge of deck operations.
Open to male and female candidates.

You will be joining a professionally run yacht with great/active crew with longevity.

Start Date: 1st September, permanent position.

Qualifications: STCW updated, YM (preferred not essential) Valid Eng 1 and PBL 2.

Salary: 2700€ pcm after 1 month (probation) 3000€ / MLC Contract / 1 Flight p/annum.

Candidates that are in Europe will only be considered.

If you are interested and ONLY fit the above criteria, please email your CV, certificates and references to

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