Sweden – Stockholm Archipelago
Sweden & the
Stockholm Archipelago

Explore the wonders of Stockholm and its archipelago on the charter of a lifetime.

Day 1 – Stockholm to Vaxholm

Depart from central Stockholm on a short cruise to the idyllic archipelago town of Vaxholm.Explore the historical castle which was originally constructed in the 16th century to defend against opposition from the North. Enjoy tranquil coves and the open sea air as you explore this magical region, the captain will find a suitable overnight anchorage.

Day 2 – Vaxholm to Grinda

Depart from the Vaxholm anchorage after a relaxing breakfast onboard with a short cruise to the popular island of Grinda where you can take a walk or have lunch at the famous GrindaWärdshus. In the afternoon depart from Grinda with an archipelago cruise towards the island of Sandhamn, where you can anchor in the marina. Embrace the true Swedish wellness experience and relax post-adventure in one of Sandhamn’s luxurious spas. 

Day 3 – Explore the Stockholm Archipelago

After a relaxing morning explore the archipelago heading south, anchoring for a delicious lunch made with fresh local ingredients. You can relax onboard or if you’re feeling adventurous, enjoy some kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. In the evening enjoy a quiet anchorage from which you can relax and enjoy the Scandinavian atmosphere and scenery

Day 4 – Visby

In the morning depart the Stockholm archipelago and cruise to the magnificently preserved medieval city of Visby on the island of Gotland. The city is a UNESCO world heritage site. Afternoon arrival to port will ensure guests can explore the city and attractions. Visby is known for its vibrant nightlife during the summer months and is one of Sweden’s most visited places.

Day 5 – Gotland and the Archipelago

Depart from Visby, reaching Gotland in the afternoon and returning to Stockholm’s southern Archipelago late in the evening. Make the most of the fabulous onboard amenities, relax in the sundeck jacuzzi with your favourite drink whilst the chef prepares an evening meal on the BBQ with the Scandinavian sunset as your backdrop.

​Day 6: Södertäje, Lake Mälaren and Castle Drottningholm

After breakfast cruise towards the lock system of Södertäje and enter the freshwater Lake Mälaren which is surrounded byspectacular scenery, the forest growing to the water’s edge. Cruise past the Castle Drottningholm, the residence of the Swedish Royal family! In the evening you will anchor in the city of Stockholm.

Day 7 – Old Town Stockholm

After a relaxing breakfast you will take a short cruise towards central Stockholm, passing the city’s town hall and the island of Södermalm. Witness the beauty of Lake Mälaren and pass through the city’s lock system in Hammaby to central Stockholm and the Old city. Sweden’s capital is full of culture, discover a fantastic range of independent boutiquesand restaurants like the three Michelin star Frantzén before heading back for your final night on board.

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